Life of a BVA Student

india-photo3Hello to whoever is reading this 🙂 Hope lifes going well..yes well Im Natasha Boon and this is my blog. Im currently doing my first year in Dunedin, New Zealand partaking in a Bachelor of Visual Arts course at the Otago Polytechnic. Im loving it sooooo much 🙂 The staff are friendly and so are my peers i work beside. I plan to become an art teacher At a High School which is one of the reasons why im working towards this degree. I also want to extend my skills and broaden my abilities. I used to be just at my painting but now im learning how to do Ceremics, Jewellery making and metal smithing, textiles and photography! As well as extending my understanding of The Art Canon and history of Art and my difinition of what Art really is. I think teaching art as a Career would be the perfect job for me. I love teaching people and being around people but doing it as a job while mucking in with the students doing paper mache and, sculptures and painting and what have you would be the perfect job. I would also do painting as a hobbie but i wouldn’t want to do it as a job relying on the sellings to live would be too stressful and i feel i work better and produce better paintings when im just slowly working on it when i won’t too. Not because i need to. Anyway that’s pretty much me done. I hope you enjoy the works I will be presenting. Feel free to leave some constructive criticism. It’ll be great to see what you think 🙂  xo


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